16 Apr

Best Indian Incense Sticks

Best Indian Incense sticks should obviously have the Indian fragrance that should instantly remind of Indian temples or ritual places for sure. India is a land of vibrant culture, colors, fragrances and people. In the past India has been the hub of people coming from different far way land for trade and has seen many different cultures and community evolving around.  Then from the reign of Ashoka to Mughals and then from East India Company to Indian democratic gov., India has come across many different fragrances and people who brought them. Nowadays with digitization, foreign investments, and collaborations, with technology and transportation, many fragrances has been added and mix with the traditional ones.

So now what are the best Indian Incense?

The best way is to find in Mythologies. As said India as always been a land of vast culture the Mythologies are also vibrant. Out of many that I might and might not be knowing I would only mention Hindu Mythology. In Hindu mythology, we can find mention of ‘Yagna’, ‘Pooja’ and ‘Arti’ which are some of the rituals followed by Hindu people till now. In these rituals, Camphor and Chandan (Sandalwood) are the two main item that I see and is extensively used in those rituals. Camphor and Sandalwood fragrances also amplify the mood and presence of the devotee.

If you go to any temple you can see camphor burning and the priest put a past of Sandalwood in the forehead of the devotee as well wishes and blessings. Whenever I and many Indians like me go to the temple this fragrance surrounds them and I would say these fragrances actually make it more like a temple. Imagine going to an Indian Temple which smells like Brute or Armani!

These two fragrances have always been around since my childhood and I believe will stay even after I die. To me, Sandalwood and Camphor are best Indian fragrance and hence best Indian incense. 


26 Feb

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26 Feb

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Shubhanjali Pooja Agarbatti

Shubhanjali Pooja Agarbatti is one of a kind and best agarbatti for all your auspicious occasion. May it be daily home use agarbatti or daily office use agarbatti. We assure our Hand-Dipped incense sticks will make your Pooja better in all aspect. We have made extensive user testing and follow the reviews and suggestions of more than 100 users India-wide.

The fragrance of our incense stick will create a superior pooja (Worship) environment with its aroma. Our pure and natural fragrance incense sticks can amplify your meditation and worship. We hope you success in all your worship and get blessed by God.

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05 Feb

Buyers of Agarbatti from India and Worldwide

Shubhanjali is manufacturing Agarbatti in leaps and hops. Now with superior experience and knowledge of making agarbatti, we are excited to invite all the B2B buyers of agarbatti, Wholesale buyers, High volume buyers of Agarbatti and Agarbatti importers from all around the world to buy or give manufacturing orders to us.

We are the manufacturer of high quality, charcoal free and low smoke agarbatti where our Agarbattis are made from superior quality of sawdust, pure and natural giggat powder and other materials. We are have made a remarkable and significant score in developing our fragrances that we blend into our Incense sticks. We maintain the quantity of fragrance absorption in each of the agarbatti sticks we do not use any machine rather we make “hand dipped incense sticks (agarbatti)” the time we soak or the way we do this inevitable process is still our business secret but we ashore that you will find each of our incense stick as fragrance rich as possible. As said our premium quality agarbatti will be a great product to sell in the market and your buyers will be happy to buy the product we make.

Incense sticks wholesalers can gain good profit and repeat client demand from our good quality product. We maintain a good relationship will all our distributors and wholesalers. We even try to provide many types of offers that can again prove profitable aspect as well.

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